Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Questions

Are there any special order codes/options required when selecting a chassis for a Boss PTO air compressor?

Yes, please contact a Boss sales representative to discuss current chassis order codes and options to ensure a simplified installation process.

What are the advantages of a rotary screw air compressor versus a piston/reciprocating air compressor?

Lower maintenance cost over the life of the compressor, lower discharge temperatures, smaller size for given CFM output, air-on-demand, so an air reservoir is not required.

Does Boss offer underhood rotary screw air compressor packages?

No, Boss has discontinued due to current chassis manufacturers engine and emission changes. Applications are diminishing for this technology and becoming very difficult to mount the equipment in such confined areas. A great alternative is the Boss 80100-UBI PTO drive capable of 85 CFM and 150 PSI.

What are the benefits of a Boss PTO air compressor over a portable air compressor?

Frees up the tow hitch for other trailer mounted equipment, takes up no bed space with the majority of the components being mounted underdeck, light weight, only one engine to maintain, fewer parts, increased mobility through traffic and reduced theft.

What pressure is recommended for my air tools?

Typical air pressure (PSI) for standard hand tools and jackhammers is 90-100 PSI. Although Boss air compressors are capable of 220 PSI this will only decrease the life of the tool. For more air requirements, please see our Air Consumption Guide.

Is any chassis/truck a candidate for a PTO air compressor and/or generator?

No. Please contact your Boss sales representative to discuss your application. There are applications that are not viable for PTO shaft driven air compressors, such as GMC 4500/5500 4x4s due to clearance issues. By completing a Boss Application Data Sheet, our sales and engineering professionals will review your vehicle selection to advise any recommendations.

What markets does Boss serve?

To mention a few: Gas and electric utilities, municipal water and street departments, tire service and mechanic trucks, telecommunications, fire fighting (Compressed air foam- CAF), fence contractors, rental, drilling and mining and military applications.

With the new diesel particulate filters and exhaust systems, do you offer a system capable of delivering air, electric and hydraulic power off a single PTO opening?

Yes, see the Boss BGPSD on our website. Capable of producing 185 CFM discharge air, 6200-watt generator and 10-GPM of hydraulic flow off a single PTO opening.

What type of hydraulic drive air compressors do you offer?

Boss offers both underdeck and abovedeck hydraulic driven air compressors. The underdeck systems offer the flexibility of scatter mounting the components around the chassis and/or body framework. The abovedeck units are typically installed on top of the service body toolbox. The abovedeck compressors are easier to install and the components are all mounted on a common frame with an enclosure.

Does Boss offer custom designed air compressor and/or generator packages?

Yes, Boss currently offers brand labeled packages for many large OEM businesses. Please contact Boss to review your requirements. Let Boss offer our professional engineering services to provide a system to meet your customer’s requirements.