Engine Driven Multi-Function Rotary Screw

Engine Driven Multi-Function Rotary Screw



Introducing the BOSS Bullet D! 80cfm @ 100psi of pure rotary screw air performance!

The BOSS® Bullet D is a compact, strategically designed system which integrates all major components on to a single frame, enclosed in a tough, weather-resistant canopy. The Bullet D design provides output of up to 80cfm at 100psi. Because it measures just 20” wide x 48” long x 40” high and only weighs 700lbs, the Bullet D can be set on any class truck with minimal effect on load capacity and visibility. It is narrow enough to fit into standard industrial gates and doorways, as well as service elevators for high rise or underground construction. The width of the Bullet D makes it ideal for mounting on top of a 20” wide service body compartments. On typical installations, this unit draws fuel from the vehicle source. We will be introducing a fuel tank option in 2019!

The heart of the BOSS Bullet D compressor is the rotary screw air-end. Rotary screw compression is ideal for this application because it provides constant air flow and pressure, regardless of the amount of time it takes to get the job done. This eliminates the need for an air storage tank, there is no waiting for the system to “catch-up”.

Strong, dependable, efficient, all the words you want to hear when choosing the right product for the right job. When performance matters, choosing the right air compressor and paired with the right engine makes all the difference, that’s why we choose the KUBOTA Water Cooled Final Tier 4 engine.

You now have the option of adding up to 7.5kW of AC power to the Bullet D. With this option, the fuel tank and battery will be removed for the generator to be installed. Typical application is to tap into the vehicle diesel fuel source and battery. Fuel lines and battery cables not provided. When ordering, please let us know if you want Single function performance with CFM and kW rating OR Multi-function performance with CFM and kW rating.


Single function performace is:
80cfm @100psi / up to 6.0kW
63cfm @100psi / 7.5kW

Multi-function performace is:
35cfm @100psi / 7.5kW
40cfm @100psi / 6.0kW
60cfm @100psi / 3.5kW

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ModelBOSS Bullet D + Generator
Capacity Delivery80 CFM @ 110 PSIG
Rated Power25 HP
Dimensions (WxLxH)48.0" L x 20.0" W x 40.0" H
Bullet G + Generator

Bullet G + Generator

Introducing the BOSS Bullet G + Generator option! You now have the option of adding 6.0kW of AC power to the Bullet G. You can get 70cfm @ 100psi or 6.5 kw of power. Want both air and power at the same time? No problem, with our multi-functional design you can get 30cfm @ 100psi and 6.5kW simultaneously.

The Boss Bullet offers a high caliber performance from a high caliber machine. The Bullet is a fully self-contained, gas engine driven rotary screw air compressor. It's capable of producing 70 CFM and 100 PSI continuously, with plenty of reserve.

Its unique design, allow you to utilize the Bullet just about anywhere. The Boss Bullet features make this engine the most fuel efficient, quiet running, and maintenance free in its class. It is available as either a skid mounted unit or wheel mounted. 

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ModelBOSS Bullet G + Generator
Capacity Delivery70 CFM @ 110 PSIG
Rated Power25 HP